Why choose us?


We Care about you, we will listen to your needs, we will help you to look after your wealth;

We provide “Tailored” services to suit you We will meet your needs, we don’t believe ‘one size fits all’, this is about you not anyone else;

We are not fee driven, we are Solution Oriented, our clock does not tick each time you ring, we are focused on:

  • Solutions

  • Outcomes

  • Problem Solving



We are Practical, we convert technical knowledge into plain language, so you can help you to make decisions, we provide simple data to help you achieve that;


We Add Value to your business, we will look into ways to help you save costs, increase efficiency, we design tax structures to maximise your wealth;


We are focused on Quality work, so we ensure you are meeting your tax obligations and do not have any trouble with IRD;


We are Proactive; we keep up with latest tax law changes and make sure you take advantage of any tax policy changes;


We are Flexible, if you want to meet at a time that suits you or if you want us to be at your business premises to solve a problem we can arrange that;



This depends what you want, if you want us only to do high end work and you do the rest, then we will only charge you for that;


If you want us to ‘take over’, we can offer you a package;


If you want a fixed fee, we can also meet your requirement.


We offer a half hour initial consultation for FREE.