Who We Are

Liya Chitty

Liya is a Chartered Accountant (CA), she holds a Masters Degree in Taxation with first class Honours.  Liya has worked for IRD for eight years as Specialist Investigator, where she was involved with high level tax evasion and tax avoidance cases, with cases ranging between 1 to over 20 million.  The work required her to have extensive knowledge in accounting and taxation, to interpret legislation, and apply case laws. Her experience and tax knowledge includes International Tax, Double Tax Agreement, Tax Dispute Processes, Trust and Property Transactions.   


Liya specialises in tax disputes process, she completed extensive research on the topic with outstanding results while doing her Masters Degree.   Her experience in tax structuring, tax planning, trust, GST, taxation of land transactions and shortfall penalty regimes will help clients to manage their businesses and tax affairs effectively.


Prior to IRD, Liya also worked in a corporate accounting environment for an international company as well as a local Chartered Accountancy Firm.


In the years since our firm has been established Liya has had some very successful results helping clients deal with Inland Revenue audits. She has helped move on audits that have been stagnant. She helps clients resolve the full process, right through from inital audit, to disputes to debt resolution.


Liya speaks fluent Chinese.


Liya enjoys fine dinning, wine and travel with her husband and is an avid golfer. 



Lara Camage


Lara is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 20 years experience.  After an initial four years with IRD as an investigator she went on to work in the retail environment for several years as the accountant for a proprietor who owned several Newmarket stores.

She then spent four years with a call center company. With this company she did HR and payroll duties as well as the monthly account functions which were reported to the Australian parent company.

She also implemented new payroll systems as the company grew from 25 employees to over 250.

She then moved to Vancouver with her husband. She spent three years in Vancouver consulting. She helped support an accounting package known as ACCPAC (now Sage). She helped train and install this package with various clients around the Vancouver area.

After the birth of her first child they moved home to New Zealand. With the birth of our second child she then did part time consulting while the children were growing. The consulting included Financial accounts preparation and help with accounting systems. She then returned to Inland Revenue as an investigations Officer in 2008. She also worked in a team that specilaised in tax technical issues. She left in April 2011 to start this enterprise.


In the years since this business started Lara has build solid partnerships with her clients and seen those businesses florish.

She believes in giving her clients value for money and adding value to their businesses. She specialises in helping clients improve their internal systems upgrade and implement modern cloud based systems. She also deals with Inland Revenue and helps to resolve audit and debt issues.


Lara's first priority is her growing family including a large Newfoundland Dog called Beauty. She enjoys walking, pilates, cooking and a nice bottle of wine.